On October 14, 1909, a group of local business and professional people determined that a banking institution was needed in Eastman.  The bank was called the First National Bank of Eastman and was located at the corner of Third and Railroad Avenues.  On December 27, 1917, the bank became a state chartered bank and changed its name to Bank of Eastman.  A new bank building was constructed in 1967 at 130 Oak Street in Eastman, Georgia.

Bank of Eastman opened its first Branch on December 23, 1997 at 271 W. Clinton St in Gray, Georgia under the trade name Magnolia State Bank.  A second branch was opened May 22, 2000 at 2451 N. Columbia St in Milledgeville, Georgia.  Due to strong growth in the Milledgeville market, a third Magnolia branch was opened in the downtown historic district of Milledgeville at 100 E. Greene St on November 10, 2003. 

Since its inception the bank's primary mission has been to serve the banking needs of the people in the counties and surrounding communities where Bank of Eastman and Magnolia State Bank are located, and this continues to be the primary driving force behind the bank today.  Through the years the Bank has built a reputation of soundness, quality, leadership and superior service that has served the customers well.  This has enabled Bank of Eastman and Magnolia State Bank to acquire a major share of the local banking markets.

Bank of Eastman and Magnolia State Bank have grown and prospered through the years since the bank's inception on October 14, 1909.  Bank of Eastman and Magnolia State Bank have four banking facilities serving Eastman, Gray, Milledgeville and the surrounding communities. 

Bank of Eastman and Magnolia State Bank have operated as independent community banks under local management since 1909.  The Board of Directors of the banks remain convinced that this direction can continue to offer a superior level of service to our customers,  more rewarding careers for our employees, and higher returns for our shareholders.